Curator • Collaborator • Innovator

I create “spaces and places” for people and art through art-centered events and exhibitions, and personalized client services.

Independent Curator

As an independent curator, I organize and curate gallery shows, artist salons and sculpture garden events, with a particular focus on the work of emerging and recognized contemporary artists in the Philadelphia and New York regions.

For me, the success of any project or working relationship depends on a collaborative spirit, shared vision, and an innovative approach. Each endeavor is unique, yet all require, in varying combinations, a driving force, a strategic planner, an interpreter, a cheerful and persistent ambassador and last but never least, a sense of humor.

Client Services

Whether starting a fine art collection, creating a sculpture garden, curating an existing collection, or commissioning artwork, every journey begins with a dialogue in which we identify goals, priorities and a budget. Over the years, I have come to embrace the opportunity to collaborate with my clients on unique events in unexpected situations and venues.

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